Drape Story brings you the biggest collection of print and plain customize curtains. We have curated best designs to adorn your home with vibrant and fresh custom made curtains. All curtains can be customised 100 percent to your requirement and are also available in standard size of Window, Door and Long Door. All designs are also available in sheer and main curtains. You must be thinking of how to customize curtains online. Let us know about it.


Which colors are available in this design?

Selection of colors in curtains depends upon various factors like making your small space look bigger, curtains to go with your wall, some to go with your style statement hence, at Spaces Drapestory we take care of your choices and provide you all a plethora of variety ranging from neutral colors to bright.

We have readymade and customized curtains in Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, White, Black, Brown, Beige, Purple, Orange, Maroon, Grey, Olive, Black, Teal, Mustard, Rust, Coffee, Turquoise, Wine, Navy Blue and Multicolor and along with this Drapestory also provides different shades in these colors.

Do the curtains come in pairs?

All our customized curtains come in pairs. For standard size curtains i.e. 5, 7 and feet curtains, please add the number of pieces in the quantity section. You can easily customize curtains online.

How do we measure the curtains?

Taking exact measurements for customizable home furnishing is a hard and tricky process but our experts team at Drapestory has made this really a simpler process.
Follow our two step process for easy measurements.

Step 1 : Measure width: Measure the width of the hanging rod, excluding the bracket.
In case of a channel, measure from one end of the channel to the other end of the channel.
If you do not have a curtain rod/ channel installed, measure the width of the window and add 3 inches on each side of the window as a rod buffer.

Step 2 : Measure height: Measure from the top tip of the curtain rod/ channel, to the height you desire the curtain to fall.

If you do not have the rod/ channel installed yet, measure from the top of the window to the height you desire the curtain to fall and add 4 inches to it as the rod buffer.

Note: In case of doubt or if you have tricky windows/ sofas, Please call or Whatsapp at +91-8291069348 or mail on hello@drapestory.com, and we will help you out

Which colors go with a cream/beige wall?

Cream and beige are the neutral colors which can easily blend with the different shades of color wheel. Even for a more classic and elegant look one can choose cream curtains for cream walls. Here are our few suggestions for cream and beige walls.

  • Green/Yellow - The overall effect will be lively and bright.
  • White- Clean and fresh look
  • Grey- Modern look
  • Brown/Coffee- Will give a more spacious look.
  • Lavender/Purple- Soft look

How fast can I get my products?

You must be wondering about how to customize curtains online India and how much time will it take to reach you. We generally dispatch custom orders within 7 days all across India. Ready Curtains are dispatched within 4 days.

How do I customize the color of the design

Spaces Drapestory has a user -friendly and easy to use website where you can easily compare and see different color variants for the same texture and print. Click on different color variants and the images will show how curtains will look in those colors.

Refund Policy

Be Patient in case you encounter a certain percentage of defects, Get in touch with us so that we can determine what steps can be taken to address concerns on a case by case basis if they fall into any of the categories listed as per our return and refund policy.

- Products sent to you do not match the dimensions requested; please send an email to hello@drapestory.com within four days of receiving the items so that we can ensure that you receive a fresh replacement at the earliest. We will arrange for a reverse pick-up of the products before sending out a fresh set that matches the dimensions specified in your original order sheet.

- If you have entered the wrong size while placing an order for custom products and require alteration services, please send an email to hello@drapestory.com with your request. We will try our best to assist you or suggest alternatives for mending the curtain. But we cannot guarantee returns/alterations for such cases.

How do I select the fabric

We have a variety of fabrics available to suit your requirement like Satin, Matt, Slub, Velvet etc. Drapestory understands that choosing any fabric online is a tough process therefore you can order physical samples of the design and texture of the selected fabric for your curtain. Swatch (size 10'' * 10'') will get delivered to you. Get the first 5 swatches free of cost and order more at a minimal cost. Custom made curtains are of fine fabric and long lasting.

How do I select blackout curtains

Spaces Drapestory has a user friendly and easy to use website where you can customize curtains according to your preferences of color, texture and prints. You can easily select blackout lining from our lining options in case you need light blocking curtains or blackout curtains for your home.

How much light do the curtains block

Light blockage with curtains depends upon the type of lining and material of a curtains but mostly curtains block 70-90% of light

How to maintain the curtains

You can easily maintain Drapestory curtains at home by Machine Wash at room temperature, do not tumble dry, Do not bleach.